In March of 1978, 17 year old Johnny found himself in the Marine Corps recruiting office with nothing but the shirt on his back and a little bit of fight in his blood. A short time later, he was on a bus headed to boot camp. While in training, the corps saw fit to meritorious promote him to Private First Class. Following boot camp John arrived at his first duty station. With a few lessons learned and some hard work under his belt he picked up the rank of Corporal. Somewhere along the way the corps saw something they liked in ole John, and thought the world could use a few more Marines like him. John was sent to the USMC Drill Instructor School where he earned the feared and respected “Smokey” campaign hat, Sergeant stripes, and a new mission. After a full tour of turning boys to men and men to Marines, John received a new order “to take the fight to America’s enemy." He deployed overseas with the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade, where he served as the Platoon Sergeant. John completed his tour of duty and returned home to Macon, Ga. He worked on independent duty until he was Honorably Discharged in April 1987.

     To date, John still takes the time to reflect on where he has been and what he has learned. He embraces the motto “Once a Marine, Always a Marine." Like any Marine, Sgt Brooks leaves nothing half done. SGT BROOKS' BBQ SAUCE is just another example this Marine exceeding expectations. 



semper fi

"my time in uniform is over but being a marine never ends." 

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